Party Treasury

Cash: 125,411gp

Magic Items — Permanent

Item Lent To
Boots of Elvenkind (silent steps, adv on Stealth to move silently) Enzo
50x Continual Torches
Deck of Many Things Hoth
Frost Brand Hoth
4x _gnomish underwater helmets 1ea
Helm of Comprehend Languages Laurent
longsword +1 (red leather scabbard) Hoth
lute Wart
mace +1 Ooli
Saddle of the Cavalier Hoth
shield +1 Hoth
splint +1 Ooli
Staff of Smacking (attunement; 7 charges, 1d6+1/day) Enzo
statue of Tiamat
tapestry map
Wand of Binding (attunement, spellcaster; 7 charges, 1d6+1/day) Wart
Wand of Enemy Detection (attunement; 7 charges, 1d6+1/day) Laurent

Magic Items — Consumeables

Qty Item Lent To
6 arrows +1 Ooli
5 Oil of Depetrification ?
2 Oil of Etherealness ?
4 Potions of Healing ?
1 Potion of Heroism (lvl 1) ?
1 Potion of Invisibility (lvl 2) ?
1 Scroll of Augury Laurent
1 Scroll of Identify Laurent
1 Scroll of Mage Hand Wart
1 Scroll of Protection from Evil and Good ?

Mundane Items — Permanent

Qty Item
1 block & tackle

Mundane Items — Consumeables

Qty Item


6 keeps
6 letters (mad hermit’s home)
Great Old One cultist relics (…four ancient bronze vessels — a shallow bowl, a pair of goblets, and a vaselike pitcher. All glow an ugly purple.) (…would be worth 25 gp each if they were ordinary.)

Party Treasury

Dragonkin odigity