Laurent is a half-elf with a human mother and a drow father whom he has never met. He is 5’6" tall and 115 lbs with very dark skin and pale blue eyes and pale blonde hair. He’s often magically disguised as a more typical half-elf to attract less attention.

His mother was a lady of the night in the brothel. While most of the kids they had were orphaned, Laurent’s peculiar appearance fascinated them and so they kept him around for a while. He mixed with a lot of questionable characters there in his youth acting as a kind of receptionist and learned a lot of, well… let’s just call them people skills.

His mother doesn’t care to speak of it, but he managed to dig up a little about his likely father from the other women in the brothel. Elven customers are rare so when one became a regular for a good month or so, visiting with all the employees several times, he left a memorable impression. However, he was magically disguised as a wood elf at the time so Laurent’s dark skin in sharp contrast to his pale eyes and hair remains a mystery for all who know him and Laurent himself.

As Laurent was entering his teens, he discovered a black leather book with macabre drawings and obscure runes scribbled throughout. It fascinated him and he became obsessed with it. He started to have intense nightmares that would wake him in the middle of the night screaming that seemed somehow inspired by the book. Over time he grew more accustomed and while still unsettling, he at least recovered quickly and could get back to sleep. Some of them are of dark, damp places where giant abominations crawl. Others are of screeching evil dark-skinned elven women tormenting and even torturing him for no apparent reason. He remains ignorant of the drow subspecies of elves.

His mother tried to dispose of the book several times, eventually burning it, but each time, Laurent would happen upon it again in some obscure place as if it were meant for him and nothing could separate them. He started to believe some foreign unfathomable mind was trying to contact him and convey something through his nightmares, but he didn’t realize the extent of it. These were the beginnings of his pact with a Great Old One. Driven by his curiosity and craving for power, he accepted the terms on some subconscious level.

When his power finally began to manifest, Laurent felt confident to start traveling cautiously alone. He managed to barely fend off some threats on the road and pull of a few clever swindles with the aid of his deceptive new magical powers finally finding himself in a keep where a group of adventurers caught his attention. He suspected one of them, also a half-elf with a similarly unusual appearance, had telepathic powers like his own and he managed to confirm it with a spell. (See: Enzo) His curiosity piqued, he charmed his way into their party to join them on their next adventure and hopefully prove his worth. The next day, they were side by side, carving a swathe of destruction through vile goblins.

And so Laurent’s adventures with this crew of equally questionable character began.


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