Enzo is half-Drow, though he doesn’t know it, since Drow are almost non-existant above ground.

Orphaned and abandoned (he’s told) at a monastary as a baby, he was raised and (grudgingly) trained by monks. His sense of detachment and alienation only grew when he started hearing strange, other-worldly voices in his head at the onset of puberty (he was eleven). Along with the voices came strange powers, including one-way telepathy.

One day he was lying in bed in the orphanage dorm, repeating words and gestures he had glimpsed in his head, when he unintentionally cast Eldritch Blast for the first time. It blew a hole in the ceiling, causing it to collapse, killing several children. Afraid of what he’d done, and the repurcussions, Enzo ran off to live as an urchin.

Over the next four years he took to begging, conning, and petty theft, eventually hooking up with other small, organized groups of criminal urchins. With his natural talents and menacing aura, he managed to achieve dominance in a gang of youngsters.

His path first crossed with Shava when he tried to pick-pocket her. Rather than retaliate or report him, she instead offered him a job as her guide to Brava. Meanwhile, Enzo’s second in command (Arjhan, a Blue Dragonborn) was plotting a coup, and had accumulated enough support to make his move. Arjhan and his lieutenants ambushed Enzo and may have succeeded in killing him had Shava not been nearby and come to his aid. The two unlikely allies managed to escape, and Enzo agreed to accompany Shava on her mission to High Horn Keep while contemplating his next moves.


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